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Frankie Snow is an American hip-hop artist from New Orleans, Louisiana. Snow aims to make music that reflects the human experience, whether it’s hate, love, fun, or sadness. Regardless of what you’ve been through or are going through, there is something for you to find in Frankie Snow’s music. His music at times is abrasive, energetic, and all-around insane. Frankie Snow will keep you on the edge of your seat with energy you have never seen before. Snow’s musical career began in 2007 as the drummer for the New Orleans-area metal band 12th Street Tragedy. Snow has performed with artists such as FATBOY SSE and more. In 2015 Snow began to explore his options as a solo artist. He soon was introduced to the one and only Eatz AKA Big will who showed him the way in the game. Ever since then Snow has been climbing closer to the stage lights every day.

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